2021 Bandit Run Registration!
R U N   T O   T H E   D E L L S
2021 Schedule RUN TO THE DELLS!
The 2021 Bandit Run is here!  Registration will be limited and will sell out quickly.

To keep things simple, our registration includes:

ONE (1) CAR with UP TO TWO (2) PASSENGERS for $499! 
Additional Passengers in the SAME CAR are ONLY $149 EACH!
Registration Includes:
  • BBQ and Show ‘n Shine at RAMC
  •  Event at the Lincoln Railyard (TBD)
  • Official Bandit Run Official T-Shirt
  • Bandit Run Official Vehicle Decal
  •  Bandit Run Application Access for Mobile Devices
  •  Instant Access to Hotel Discount Codes (up to 50% off)
  • ​ Food discounts while on the run
  •  ​Some meals will be FREE (TBD)
  • ​FREE HOT LAPS on The Dell's Race Track on Saturday, June 19th.
  •  Discounts on Official Bandit Run Merchandise
  • ​There will be many INCLUDED discounts on attractions, food and events while on the run.  There are to many to list, but it will be updated on the Facebook Page and maps as we get closer!!!!
  • ​A ​Ticket to the full-3 course sit-down buffet dinner featuring steak, chicken and ham and all the extras + a DJ and LIVE MUSIC & AWARDS!
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